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- K I T C H E N -

Family Dinners


I love to cook for my family and I would love to cook for yours.

This is from-scratch cooking; no short cuts here. I use the freshest and finest ingredients sourced from local businesses and organic & farm to table are prioritized.

I create a weekly menu and you decide which nights to join based on your schedule and culinary preferences.

Your meal is delivered in the afternoon in glass containers for beautiful aesthetic and planet protection, two values I cherish.

Gather your family around the table for a home-cooked meal. It’s an Essential Knead.


“Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all.” 

-Harriet van Horne -

Family & Food

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A visit to either one of my grandmothers’ homes meant time spent in their respective kitchens learning to cook.

My Mimi was classically trained at Frau Fühlscher’s Cooking School in Zürich, Switzerland. Her skills in the realm of savory dishes based in European technique were phenomenal. She gathered our extended family around her dining table with the most delightful delicacies for memories to last a lifetime.

My Grandma Redlin descended from a family of farmers and their wives in rural Ohio. Her specialties included fruit pies, yeast rolls and her infamous Old Fashioned Cream pie. She had mad skills for all things baking and I loved watching her pinch and crimp her pie dough.

Practicing my family’s traditions through culinary expression has always been my passion. I think about ingredients, flavor pairings and the next meals’ creation almost obsessively. I am overjoyed to bring this talent of curating and cooking family dinners and sourdough bread to you.

Not only do I find inspiration in the creation of food, but in the use of nourishment and delighting the palate to care for others. From the Essential Knead Kitchen to Yours, my desire is to bring joy to your family.


“Beautiful Food. Perfection, really.” 

EK Family Dinner Client 


What Clients Say

"I cannot recommend Deborah's cooking more highly. She not only makes incredible dinners, but is also kind, generous, and accommodating. Working with her has been a true blessing — there’s just nothing quite like seeing the Essential Kitchen bag at our door with everything packaged so beautifully and ready to go. It’s our favorite night of the week!" — Sara, San Anselmo
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