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Essential Pantry

For the other 5 nights of the week: Condiments and Sauces to elevate your own culinary creations.


Peruvian Aji Verde

THE green sauce you all rave about. To try Aji Verde is to love Aji Verde. With Aji Amarillo as the secret ingredient, Aji Verde is slightly spicy and goes on everything from the original pairing of Pollo A la Brasa to any chicken, fish, raw veggie, sandwich… 


9oz | $12


Salsa Macha

A nutty & a bit spicy chili oil salsa from Veracruz, Mexico. Created with 3 varieties of dried chili, garlic, peanuts, and sesame seed, this salsa gets spooned over roasted vegetables, scrambled eggs, avocado toast, anywhere you want to add a bit of wow.   


6oz | $12


Pickled Ginger

Thinly sliced ginger pickled with the perfect balance of acid, sweet and salty to bring the most divine ginger flavor. Add to any Asian inspired meal to take it up a notch.   


9oz | $10


Hazelnut Dukkah

A Middle Eastern hazelnut and sesame spice blend with just a touch of heat. Sprinkle on chicken, salmon, roasted carrots, anywhere you want to add texture and flavor.   


6oz | $12



North African in origin, Harissa is a hot chili pepper paste which is savory and a bit smoky. Add to any Mediterranean dish for a kick or heat or use it to create other sauces.   


6oz | $12


Salted Caramel

This perfectly balanced caramel will make you swoon. 


9oz | $15



Chocolate Sauce 

If you have tried my brownie sundae or profiterole, you have delighted in this sauce. This goes everywhere chocolate should go… on top ice cream, over strawberries, the base for chocolate milk.   


9oz | $15


Essential Knead Sourdough


These three ingredients are the building blocks for creating a loaf of bread from start to finish. However, the real joy is in the process.

Each loaf takes 48 hours from feeding the starter (aka my dough baby) to pulling the perfectly browned loaf out of the oven.


Baking bread may sound simple, but there are many elements to take into consideration when crafting a perfect Essential Knead loaf: water & air temperature, fermentation, folding and scoring.


Patience in the process is essential, and it’s worth the wait. I promise.


Flour cloths: 100% cotton   
Return to EK or reuse in your own home. 


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